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Why is knee to knee support important?

Choosing a baby carrier is not easy, there are so many to choose from. So why would a cheap wrap be better than an expensive purpose made carrier. Well baby’s spine is curved and likes to be that way, as the disks fill with fluid and a curved spine means the disks can fill with the opium amount of fluid. There is lots of research showing baby is safer sleeping on there back and this is correct but since this we have had a wave of baby products where baby lays flat, car seat, prams, bouncer/rocking chairs. Also baby hips are mostly cartilage they can pop out of joint as the socket has not hardened, it’s like this to make giving birth easier and the very reason humans do not walk within hours of birth unlike other mammals. It’s very important to try to keep baby spine curved and the hips in a good position and the carrier supports baby in the right areas. The pictures below hopefully demonstrate the importance of baby being natural position



The 1st picture is me holding baby in a natural position my arm supporting baby back and my hand supporting across bottom and under knee. You can also see the bottom is lower than the knees this keeps the hips in a good and natural position

The 2nd picture you can see the softness of the carrier wrapped around baby and wearer, keeping that natural curve. The wrap  gathers under baby’s bum and knees. Supporting baby from knee to knee and making sure the bottom is lower than the knee

The 3rd picture is a hard carrier with narrow leg holes the carrier keeps baby spine straight. You can also see the weight of baby head going straight down the spine and baby being supported by their hips. The weight of the leg is then hanging down this is not a great for the hip socket it is not a natural position for baby to be in

Wraps are great because as the name states you wrap it around you and baby. As longs as the wrap is not twisted they are extremely comfortable to wear and fit all shapes and size

Why are our wraps so cheap ?

We don't have a big marketing budget or shops to need to mark up the price to add on their profits 

We have had many people show generosity and kindness to us including  who built this amazing website





BS EN 13209-2:2005 soft carriers-safety requirements and test methods including flamabilty tesing

The chemicals:

They are not treated with formaldehyde or any of the types of fabric preserving chemicals that are from the same group of chemicals like:

Formalil Methanal Methyl aldehyde Methylene oxide Morbicid acid Oxymethylene including any formaldehyde-releasing preservative.

I also use tester families who get to try our slings for 6 months and fill out questionairs I am always devloping new products and looking for new tester families if you are interested please email me 

They are not Oeko-tex 100 certificated at the moment however it is something that we have looked into and we are considering it for the future 

Our company also has product and public liability insurance

If you have any questions about our slings you can contact us via email



Please only follow the instructions on this page or my YouTube channel, I am NOT responsible if you follow other instructions including other manufacturers or other YouTube Videos





It may take a few tries to get used to it, so I recommend practising with a teddy or doll until you are confident enough..

If you need extra instruction please feel free to get in touch. Please read the safety guide on this page


Washing instructions

1st wash the sling on its own 30-40 degrees wash, if it is a strong colour like red or contrasting colours on your panel to the sling you might want to wash use a colour catcher 

Wash on a 40- 60 

 Tumble dry on a low setting it will become tighter and smaller, but after a couple of wears will return to normal (like a pair of jeans)

Before you get going:

If you have not used a sling before, it would be a good idea to start with a teddy or soft doll. Watch the instructions as many times as you need to. Have someone watch you or use a mirror to make sure the sling is position correctly. When you feel confident try with little one if you try kneeling on the floor at 1st. If you don’t understand the instructions please get in touch 

When ever you bend down always hold onto little one in the sling taking extra care when leaning across as this will put extra pressure on your back and baby.

Using back carries (never back carry with a stretch wrap)  can be very tricky at 1st so i would suggest trying it with something heavier than a doll or teddy use something like a bag of potatoes. Have someone there, when you do move to putting a child in the sling try sitting on the sofa the floor or a bed. When using a back carry make sure you allow extra room to walk around corridors and through door ways

 As with all fabric items your sling will get ware and tear damage over time, you MUST check all fabric for any holes or thinning Check the stitching, look to see if there are any loose stitches. If you are worried do not use.

Keeping baby in a safe position while in the sling

NEVER cover baby completely with all the fabric, make sure they are high enough so you can kiss your child one the head if this is not the case they are to low and you will need to retie and adjust your sling. Always make sure there is air circulating around baby’s face. You should always be able to pop two fingers under baby’s chin.  Babies back should be supported in a natural curve at all times and the sling should support baby on the thighs not the crotch or bottom.

NEVER allow there head to flop forward onto their chest. Baby’s windpipes are very narrow and the head is very heavy for this reason i would advice using the upright front hug position until baby has good head control. If baby’s head flops back this can also compromise baby’s airway, you can support babies head with the shoulder strap of the wrap. If you use the position were baby lies across your body you must check that baby has not got its face covered fresh air is allowed to circulate, the head does not flop on to their chest.


Trips and Falls

Taking care on stairs while you have little one in the sling. With baby on your front it can obscure your vision and stairs can become very hazardous. Hold on to the hand rail at all  times and take your time. Turning sideways might help with your field of vision. If you are unsure sit down and go down the stairs slowly on your bottom.

It is of course up to you what foot wear you use but i would recommend a flat shoe, be careful of footwear with laces as you might not realise the laces have come undone.

Be careful on floors that are cluttered 

Be careful when around small children as you may not see them 

Make sure the ends of the slings are tied securely  and not dangling down. If you have excess sling or straps please get in touch it will be possible to tailor make your sling for you


Activities while wearing your sling

High physical activities like jogging, playing tennis are not recommend while you have little one in the sling. Be aware baby will be bouncing around in the sling with your movements. There has been an increase in dance slinging classes, it is the responiblity of the dance class tutor to advise you on saftey while you are at their classes.

NEVER drive with baby in a sling. Baby should be in an age appropriate car seat. If using public transport like a bus or taxi the law states it is your responsibility to make sure your child is safe. The sling is no replacement for a car seat.

You should never cycle while you have baby in the sling. The child should be in either a cycle seat or trailer.

 I would not advice cooking while you have baby in the sling, this is a fire risk.

 Irons can become very hot and therefore i would not advice ironing while you have little one in the sling.

It is fine to eat and drink while baby is in the sling, but be ware of food dropping into sling especially if food or drinks are hot

If you are unsure then don’t do it get in touch




Any questions, worries or concerns please get in touch or 07956368057

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