Stretch Wraps




The Stretch wraps are so soft they are lovely for a newborn, you can put the wrap on and leave it on and put baby in and out. Meaning you can put the wrap on before you go for a drive in the car and once you get to where you are going just take baby out of the car seat and straight to the wrap. No need to take the car seat out. These wraps are perfect for newborns and new to wrapping and slings. They do have a limited shelf life and some find by 4 months little ones weight can make the sling 'sag' and pull on the wearer. Others find they can get to 8 months the average is 6 months

These wraps are 5 meters long, they are meduim weight making them cooler in the summer or warmer climates. They have been EU tested.

You can not back carry with a stretch wrap. But you can use them to support your bump

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